New Years Resolution – Create Bonding Experiences with Your Children

Families bonding during tennisDonna McClintock, CCO with Children’s Choice, posted a blog this morning about “Purposeful Bonding Experience“.  It really makes you stop and think about our children and what the latest electronic gadget are doing to their social life.  I have experience this with my own children.  My sons want to come home and get on XBox instead of going to the park or riding bikes with friends. And during carpool, my daughter will be texting her friend, in the back seat of our car, instead of talking to her.  It’s not that they don’t want me to hear, it’s what they know.  I think as I pick the kids up from school today we will make a new rule that when in the car, there will be NO texting each other.  I am sure that I will get some reaction but in the end they need to be able to socially communicate.  Car rides home from school use to be tons of laughter and music….we will get to that again.  I challenge you to do the same.  Take the kids to the park, sit outside, if the weather permits, and talk about their day.  Let’s make 2011 the year of great relationships with family and friends by creating purposeful bonding experiences.  Happy New Year!


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