Children’s Choice Learning Centers to Co-Sponsor Work-Life Summit

Alliance for Work-Life Progress Logo

Allinance for Work-Life Progress

Alliance for Work-Life Progress (AWLP) will hold their 2011 National Work-Life Summit, February 8-10, 2011, in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Children’s Choice Learning Centers is pleased to co-sponsor this exciting Work-Life Summit presented by the Alliance for Work-Life Progress, a division of World at Work. This historic gathering of the Work-Life community will not be a traditional conference with speakers and workshops. Children's Chioce Learning Centers LogoRather, it is designed to be an interactive “think tank” where all participants, professionals who established the field, as well as, new work-life leaders, will engage in thought provoking discussions about history, current key issues and trends in the work-life field.  Karen Woodford, a pioneer in the field of work-life, and Jack Wallace, VP of Business Development, will represent Children’s Choice Learning Centers. Together they will join other attendees to analyze the past and develop future plans, which will fuel work-life momentum and propel the work-life field into the future.

Congratulations to Alliance for Work-Life Progress as this summit will mark their 15th anniversary.

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