JoAnn Johnson joins Children’s Choice as Regional Director

Children’s Choice is thrilled to announce the addition of JoAnn Johnson to our corporate team. She is a passionate Early Care & Education Operations Leader that has been recognized for her exceptional leadership, integrity and inspiration in national, division and regional general management roles.
JoAnne is a talented mentor and coach with a proven track record. We believe that JoAnn not only has great skills and knowledge and she fully embraces and lives out our Core Values of Compassion, Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty, Dignity, Respect, Enthusiasm, and Niceness.
Children’s Choice is committed to excellence and we are excited to welcome JoAnn to our team of leaders. She will work directly with directors in a regional director position and will fulfill additional roles within operations.
Children’s Choice Learning Centers, Inc. is the nation’s premier educational childcare company specializing in corporate sponsored childcare…”where learning meets caring, one child at a time”.

Welcome, JoAnn, to out Children’s Choice family!


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