101 Parenting Tips

More4Kids has provided an article on the Top 101 Parenting Tips.  These parenting tips have not been written by a medical expert or a child psychologists but by parents. We all know that there is not just one parenting method or even one method that will work on all your children that live in the same home.  We know based on experience that isn’t true. Knowing who your child is and the best way that they learn is the key.  We hope you enjoy these tips and would love for you to share your own!

101 Parenting Tips

1) Think Before You Speak

2) Be a Positive Role Model

3) Listen, Catch and Redirect

4) Be Spontaneous and Affectionate

5) Provide Feedback that is Accurate and Positive

6) Foster a Safe and Loving Home Environment

7) Focus on Cooperation Over Competition

8) Pay attention to your child and what interests them

9) Stress the Behavior, not the child

10) Don’t compare them with siblings or others. Each child is unique

11) Tell them very often how much you love them

12) Spend time with them doing what it is they want to do.

13) Listen to their point of view and help them achieve their goals.

14) Support their school work. Don’t do it for them.

15) Get involved in their school

16) Encourage them to make friends, welcome their friends into your home

17) Help your child explore any hobbies or talents they have

18) Realize that tomorrow it will be Different.  Ask yourself: Will it really matter tomorrow?

19) Master the Art of Compromise

20) Tell them you love them (don’t assume they don’t need to hear the words)

21) Lead by Example

22) Patience: Tell Them Everything Has Its Own Time

23) Patience: Explain to Them Why They Need to Wait

24) Set Goals with Them

25) Give Concrete Responses

26) Give Concrete Consequences

27) You Have to Follow Through with your actions and your words

28) Reward Them for Being Patient

29) Reward Them for a Job Well Done when they don’t think you are looking!!

30) Find Fun Activities that Require Patience

31) Teaching Diversity: Watch Movies that Introduce New Places

32) Teaching Diversity: Have Kids Write to Pen Pals

33) Teaching Diversity: Make a game out of learning about different cultures

34) Capitalize on “Teaching Moments” in Life

35) Forget the Clock

36) Encourage Cooperative Work

37) Foster Family Participation

38) Set Family Goals

39) Encourage them to be and express Themselves

40) Don’t Embarrass Them

41) Teach them the Importance of a Smile – by example is best 🙂

42) Encourage Emotions

43) Point out and Praise good behavior

44) Learn to Listen to your child as much as you expect them to listen to you

45) Helping Hands – Teach your child the importance of helping others

46) The Walk Away – Learn to pick your battles

47) Understand Who Your Child Is and Talk to Them

48) Be An Apparent Parent

49) Monitor Online Activity

50) Teach Your Child to Stand Up For Themselves

51) Get Involved with Your Child

52) Tell Your Child What You Expect

53) Know Their Friends

54) Talk About Drug & Alcohol Use with Your Kids

55) Appreciate Who They Are

56) Don’t Undermine Your Child’s Ability

57) Don’t Underestimate Your Child’s Abilities

58) Encourage new experiences and be less fearful of new situations.

59) Set routines, be consistent

60) Explain, Educate, Talk, Listen, Encourage, Praise, Support and Cheer On

61) Teach to Return an Insult with a Compliment

62) Allow Your Children to Express Their Feelings at Home.

63) Forster an open atmosphere at home and not be judgmental.

64) Let them Know They Should Never Tolerate Being Made to Feel Uncomfortable by others

65) Don’t Give Answers Provide Direction

66) Encourage Them to Try it On Their Own

67) Make Opportunities to Challenge Them

68) Be Proud of Them and Their Accomplishments

69) Teach kids by example to Respect Others

70) Teach the Art of Saying “I’m Sorry.”

71) Take a Deep Breath before Responding

72) Encourage Truthfulness

73) Teach Your Child How to Apologize

74) Encourage Empathy

75) Demonstrate Patience

76) Talk to Them about Money and teach savings

77) Teach them That They Can’t Have It All

78) Master Table Manners

79) Teach kids How to Share Those Prized Possessions

80) Have Your Children Write  Thank You Notes

81) Kill the Tube, spend time together

82) Tell Them You Trust Them

83) Establish a Set of Family Rules

84) Talk to Your Children about the Rules

85) Set Concrete Consequences for Breaking a Rule

86) Enforce Rules CALMLY

87) Include Your Child in the Rule Making

88) Know When to Bend the Rules

89) Remember They Are Not You

90) Complement them on Their Individuality

91) Ask Your Self if it will Matter in Five Years

92) Teach Self Respect

93) Respect Your Child

94) Talk to them not At Them

95) Listen to them Actively

96) Give Them the Right to Present Their Case, but Don’t Just Give In

97) Follow the Best of the Examples You Had Growing Up

98) Teach Your Child How to Greet Someone

99) Encourage Them To Try

100) Get Healthy together (family hikes, bikerides, etc)

101) You Had Your Childhood, Let Them Have Theirs


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