LOVE does not have to be PERFECT

Time togetherAre you a perfectionist? Do you agonize over every detail of a project? Do you measure yourself against everyone else constantly? If so, chances are that you are doing this in your parenting, as well. Perhaps you are asking yourself: Am I providing enough of this? Enough of that? Did I follow up on this?

Please don’t get me wrong: The very best parents are informed and purposeful parents, but we sometimes miss the power of simplicity. We forget how healing a kind word is when a child feels lousy, how encouraging a loving pat on the back can be, or how good a gentle embrace feels when the rest of the world has hurt us. Try it. Step off the merry-go-round of life and just listen to your child. Be present—get lost in the moment and enjoy it. Let them FEEL that you are there with them as their #1 fan just when you see that there is a need. Don’t worry that you are being too soft or that you might get off schedule. Follow your instincts. If you feel a need, respond to it.

If you have an infant or toddler, let things that are crowding your mind go and enjoy these months that will soon pass. Indulge yourself and your child. These priceless moments will not come again. Yes, after these magical moments, it will be back to the business of life. There will be homework to do, jobs to take care of, chores to manage, and life skills to teach. However, when we take the time to enjoy the simple connections, these moments become the magical glue that holds us together through all kinds of weather. Trust me—these memories are the ones that you and your child will treasure as you both grow and age.

Don’t wait for the perfect vacation, the perfect day in the park, the perfect field trip. Just STOP! Indulge you and your child in the precious little moments along life’s path. It will make life OH so sweet, and you and your child will be OH so glad you did. Seize the moment—any moment you can find! It is wonderful to plan beautiful events that ARE perfect, but don’t wait on them. You will be surprised at what you might uncover!

Written by : Donna McClintock, COO at Children’s Choice Learning Centers

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