National Bubble Week starts today…Bubbles, Bubbles, EVERYWHERE



March 20th thru March 26th

First, I want to make sure that you ALL have a great recipe for bubbles…

You mix: 6 parts water, 2 parts Joy dishwashing liquid (the brand that works very well), and ¾ part corn starch. You can use Pipe-cleaners bent into different shapes as wands or you can use cookie cutters.

Bubble week is always the first week of Spring!

It was created, I am sure, by a marketing group but it is a great way for us to blow bubbles and celebrate the arrival of spring.

Children and adults LOVE bubbles. We love blowing them, chasing them, and popping them.

Did you know that in January 2011, that a mobile game developed by an eighth grader called “Bubble Ball” became the most downloaded free app at the App Store; up-seating best seller Angry Birds?

So, here is what I am saying:

1.  First of all, go outside and blow bubbles this week with your children, grandchildren, or any child. Find a child to spend some time with and watch them get lost in the magic of enjoying the bubbles. Hey, after all, it IS National Bubble Week!

2.  Never underestimate you child’s creativity…the child that created the bestselling free downloadable app, created his first web-site while he was in the third grade. You never know what talents and/or abilities are within your child.

3.  You are never too old or too young to enjoy life and contribute to improving the world. Get involved today and make the world around you better and MORE FUN.

Here’s to happy “bubbling!”

Written by: Donna McClintock, COO Children’s Choice Learning Centers


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