From an Idea to a Billion Acts

From an idea to a billion acts…It all began with noticing. Have you ever noticed something that really bothered you, but you thought that you could never make a difference?

Earth Day is April 22, 2011. In 1963, Senator Gaylord Nelson began to notice that our planet was getting very dirty. He became more and more concerned that plants and animals were dying, and it seemed that not very many people really cared. He wasn’t sure that one person could make a difference. In 1969, he decided that it would be good to set aside a special day to focus on the issues affecting our planet. In 1970, the first Earth Day was held.

Now, one of the beautiful things about working with young children is that we simplify the facts. I will insert a great tip here for you in case you haven’t figured this out yet. If you are going to a new city and you want to tour its highlights, buy a great children’s book about it. A children’s book will give you the basic facts without too much detail.

As adults, we know that things do not just happen. There has been a lot of hard work between Senator Gaylord Nelson noticing and Earth Day’s goal of a Billion Acts of Green pledged around the world. However, it all began with someone who noticed, cared, and was determined to make a difference.

I challenge you to notice—really notice—your child or any child around you today. What are the struggles in your home or in your community? Perhaps you have noticed but felt there was nothing one person or even a small group could do. I would challenge you to reconsider. Try and try again. Continue to pursue important things that will make the world a better place for our children and grandchildren. What we do might not move from an observation to a billion acts, but who knows? The impact could be just as great. It all begins with noticing and then caring enough to get involved.

Happy Earth Day!


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