Intentional Daily Character Building

At the end of each day, it is so easy to fall into bed exhausted from the constant demands of life. The pace that we all keep seems to be frantic regardless of our field of work, the age of our children, or the number of children we have at home. It just seems that everyone in our world is extremely busy. Occasionally, it is good to slow down, reflect, and take inventory to ensure that we are focused on the important tasks that really matter.

Great families and great children are not accidental. As parents, we must be purposeful in the activities and environment that we choose for our children. We know that we have to purposeful in choosing their diet and purposeful in protecting them physically. But, are we as purposeful as we could be in building their character when they are very young?

Sometimes in our busyness, we miss the wonderful teachable moments that naturally occur throughout the day. We must stop and think about what we do each week to demonstrate and teach our young children the value of the universally acceptable pillars of character—respect, responsibility, citizenship, caring, trustworthiness, and fairness—that they will need to succeed in life. When our busyness causes us to miss opportunities to teach our children about the value of these great character traits, we must become intentional about adding experiences into our routine that will allow us to focus on this very important aspect of our children’s development.

This means that we might have to plan activities on the weekend that we cannot participate in during the week to teach a very young child the importance of being responsible. Perhaps the family could take part in community events that teach citizenship or caring. What you do is not as important as being purposeful in planning activities that build character in your young children. Teach them well…begin while they are very young…and always remember that they will watch YOU most of all.


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