Children’s Choice puts CHILDREN FIRST!

Children's Choice Core Values“CHILDREN  FIRST…Children’s Choice ADDITIONAL CORE VALUES:

Children’s Choice is dedicated to and guided by our Core Values. Our Core Values are not just words that hang on the wall. Our Core Values are “committable” Core Values. “Committable Core Values” means that we hire and fire by them. We BELIEVE that our Core Values are critical to the on-going success of Children’s Choice.

While Children’s Choice realizes that there is NO way to include every key success factor on a single sheet of paper, we felt that there were some key Core Values that we needed to add. Our current Core Values are Compassion, Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty, Dignity, Respect, Enthusiasm, and Niceness.


We have added Fun, Innovation, Relationships, Social Purpose, and Trust.

Fun: We believe that you must keep the fun in childhood, and adults who know how to laugh and smile make life so much more enjoyable for everyone. And of all industries, fun should be at the top of our list. We want you to dance to work, dance at work, and dance home. If we will allow them, the children will teach us the art of having fun and the magic of joy.

Innovation: Children’s Choice is constantly seeking new ways to meet the changing needs of America’s families. We offer 24/7 care in accredited centers, iPads in the classrooms, and notifications when babies are fed that push out to moms’ cell phones immediately in some markets. We are always looking for new technology and new ideas. We will continue to find innovative ways to support our families.

Relationships: We know that our mission is about caring for people. We have to show how much we care in   everything that we do. Everything we do must be wrapped by a spirit of caring.

Social Purpose: Children’s Choice is determined to have an impact on the needs of the communities we serve. We added this to our Core Values so that our leaders will remain focused on creating opportunities to serve their communities.

Trust: Every stable relationship is built on trust. We realize we have to earn it, and we will. We then have to live in a way to maintain it, and we will.

Children’s Choice believes that these additional Core Values with our existing Core Values more accurately reflect who Children’s Choice is, who Children’s Choice strives to be, and what values Children’s Choice commits to living by each day.

Children’s Choice focuses on CHILDREN FIRST! Children’s Choice makes every decision on the side of the child.

Our educators live out each Core Value each and every day in their center.

The interactions between each child and their educator is nurturing, loving, developmentally appropriate, and positive. Our Core Values state the things Children’s Choice must be and do in order for Children’s Choice to be a safe, fun, educational environment for each and every child.


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