Three Words

I’ve noticed that three words have been the “going trend” for a while now. “Eat, Pray, Love,” “Live, Laugh, Love,”  “Be the Change”… Good Morning America is now ending its weekend broadcasts with three-word home videos that describe the life events of the viewers who sent them in. Some of the clips are very moving.

It just so happens that I am blogging today on my son’s 33rd birthday. As I thought about all the opportunities I had with him, I asked myself what three words I would chose to speak to him every day if I could go back. What three words would I have whispered as I rocked him as an infant? What three words would he have heard as he left my arms and ran down the hallway to his kindergarten class? What three words would he hear today at age 33 that would still apply? We didn’t start that tradition, but I wish we had. I’ve given him many words of affirmation, but a tradition of affirmation would have been a neat one.

In the movie The Help, there is a very precious scene where the loving caregiver says to the precious child she is caring for: “Just remember—you smart, you kind, you important.” She would say this to the child every single day.

As a parent or as an adult who works with young children, it is important that you find words of affirmation for them. Speak them into your children’s lives on a routine basis so that when they hit a tough spot, they will hear those words ringing in their ears. You never know…it just might be the very words they need to hear when they stand at a crossroad.

Start early. CHOOSE the words while they are young and speak them every day. Tell your children that they matter to you. Tell them that you believe in them. Sometimes we make things so complicated, and it doesn’t have to be. Sometimes just three simple words can make a difference…“Just Say No” was the beginning of Nancy Reagan’s great campaign.

“Seize the Day”! Find your three words and say them every day to your children. Let them hear your affirmation. Children are bombarded with negative messages by a world that tells them everything that is wrong. Allow your voice to be the constant in their lives that reminds them what is RIGHT and GOOD…

Written by: Donna McClintock, COO, Children’s Choice Learning Centers, Inc.


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