Potty Training

My daughter will not be surprised when she reads my blog this week. Actually, my blog is dedicated to her. Misty, you are an AMAZING mom; and I love you dearly.

The great thing about blogs is that they CAN be personal. I live in a world where personal references are not welcome, and I go to great lengths to be mindful of keeping my personal life out of my professional life. However, I get to merge the two when I blog each week and that gives me great joy.

My granddaughter, Ella, is two; and it is time to potty train. Misty writes curriculum for infants, toddlers, and twos. Unlike the cobbler who has no shoes for his family, Misty truly practices everything that she researches for the curriculum she writes.

Despite pressure from her peers, she decided that it is better to start late than early. She has waited until Ella is two-and-a-half. She believes potty training is a team effort, and Ella is the team captain. Without the team captain buying into the play-by-play strategy, the game would certainly be a total flop.

Misty, in her wisdom, took Ella to the store where Ella chose her own potty chair, her own panties, and then they were off. The first day was tremendously successful. Ella was SO excited about her potty chair that when she played outside, she insisted that it was on the patio “just in case” she needed to go…and she did with great excitement.

My point is this: When your child needs to conquer a milestone, wait until she is ready. Get her to buy into the idea, let her participate in the preparation, and then bask in the success.

I admit that Ella is not fully potty trained. But with the route we are on, I have NO doubt that she will be trained in a matter of days. Had we started before she was ready, we would have only frustrated her AND ourselves.

When others are pressuring you to do things a certain way, always remember that the best interest of the child must be your guiding principle. Typically, it’s better late than early. Don’t sweat the small stuff—and as a very wise man once said, “It’s ALL small stuff.”  Love your children, celebrate the small accomplishments, and take time to enjoy every magical stage. Let me remind you: Don’t blink! Savor each moment! Your children will be grown and gone, and you will long for the day when they wanted to take their potty chairs out to the patio because they were so excited about beginning the process.

Misty, you are an incredible mom; and I applaud you. Ella, I love you and your big sister, Ava, more than I can express. You two are my world. Keep up the good work!

Written by Donna McClintock, COO Children’s Choice Learning Centers


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