Life’s Perfect Moments

Lifes-Perfect-MomentsYour family wants you during this holiday season. The essence of our love for our children is not what we provide for them, but how much of ourselves that we give to them. Whenever we give our time, we are making a sacrifice and sacrifice is the essence of love.

The very best parents are those who are purposeful and value the power of simplicity. Be mindful of how healing a kind word is when a child feels lousy and how good a gentle hug feels when the rest of the world has hurt us. Let your child feel that you are there with her as her number-one fan. Let go of the things that are crowding your mind and enjoy these priceless moments that will pass all too soon. It’s these simple connections that you make with your child when she is very young that become the glue that holds you together.

Simple guidelines to remember when connecting with your child:

  1. Eye contact is important. Make every effort to get on your child’s eye level when carrying on a conversation.
  2. Be a great listener.
  3. Treat your child with respect – it’s critical to his self-esteem.
  4. Catch your child “doing it right” and give her praise that is specific to the act.
  5. Keep it simple and stay in the present. Get rid of distractions if you are serious about being in the moment. Let your child know that you have chosen to put him first.

Don’t miss a single minute of this holiday season. Your child has only one childhood… and nothing can replace the hugs, the laughter, and that warm feeling of being totally present with your child. These are the moments along life’s path that are truly perfect.


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