A Note From Donna McClintock

January 3, 2014

As many of you who follow my blog know, Children’s Choice Learning Centers, Inc. was acquired by Bright Horizons Family Solutions in July of 2013. I am confident that this will always be noted as a wonderful day in the history of Children’s Choice. I am thrilled to report that the integration of Children’s Choice into the Bright Horizons family has been respectful, methodical and gradual. I can honestly state that our educators have received a “World Class Welcome”.

I have always written my blog with candor, from a place of authenticity and have shared personal and professional experiences with a strong desire to encourage and support you and your family.

Twelve years ago I started out on an unintended journey when I became the Chief Operating Officer of Children’s Choice Learning Centers, Inc. It has led me on the most amazing path and I have been humbled, blessed, and thrilled to have had the honor of leading and walking with such incredible folks. I could have never imagined how rich the past twelve years would be.
Mary Ann Tocio, Chief Operating Officer of Bright Horizons, graciously gave me some time in October to reflect and rest as the past year had been incredibly intense. She was extremely gracious to allow me to take some time off to rejuvenate and invest some time in my own family. This was a very special time for me after giving to others for such an extended period of time while watching my own family make so many personal sacrifices.

Abraham Lincoln said, “The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.” I simply have not known what I desired in my future after the acquisition, but what I can honestly say is that I could not have asked for more caring, kind, and understanding leaders than those within Bright Horizons. They have allowed the future to unfold one day at a time.

I officially announced the end of my formal employment with Bright Horizons – effective at the end of 2013 – but not my relationship. I will be a phone call away for anything that is needed. I am leaving on great terms and I leave with the greatest respect for everyone I met. I am so grateful for how I have been treated, for the world-class welcome that has been shown to each Children’s Choice educator and for the kind and gentle way the integration has been handled. It has truly taken a “Bright Horizons Village” to make this happen and they have demonstrated amazing teamwork. I am going to stay especially close during the first quarter of 2014 and have made it very clear to everyone that the successful integration of Children’s Choice into the Bright Horizons family is very important to me and I will do anything I can to ensure our ongoing success.

I want to say that I am absolutely certain that Children’s Choice has found the right home. Our passion for children and their families can live on and continue to improve within the Bright Horizons family. The educators that care deeply and are committed to success will continue to thrive.

Bright Horizons is a company filled with smart, dedicated, nice, and professional folks. There is no other outcome that I would wish for this company that I worked so hard to build. I would also like to thank Dave Lissy, CEO of Bright Horizons, for his support and kindness to me. Dave Lissy and Mary Ann Tocio are genuine, kind, and honorable leaders. Bright Horizons is fortunate to have such a great team at the helm.

I will treasure my memories always and I feel truly humbled and grateful for the opportunity to be a small part of the Bright Horizons family. The blog will continue with qualified, passionate, and dedicated writers. You will find so many resources at your fingertips and I encourage you to allow the experts at Bright Horizons to truly become your partners as you navigate through all the challenges that parenting and life presents. Bright Horizons has solutions for every stage of life, not just for your child care needs.

As I stated at the beginning, I am 100% sure that Children’s Choice has found the perfect home and that is why I feel free to step away and focus on my own family. I have my eight year old granddaughter, Ava, sitting by me as I type. It is a new season for me and I am blissfully happy for us all.

With Utmost Respect and Happy New Year!

Donna McClintock